Day 8 – A smell you adore


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Don’t you just love the way that a certain scent can bring you back to a moment in time? When I smell lavender it always reminds me of my grandmother. And when I smell certain perfumes they remind me of the people that wore them, or when I wore them. The very first perfume I owned at the age of 14 was Tommy Girl and it was given to me by my high school boyfriend. If I get a whiff of Tommy Girl it always takes me back to those magical high school years when anything seemed possible.

A smell that I absolutely adore is D&G Light Blue. A girl I used to live with wore it everyday. I loved it on her, and when I moved out I bought it for myself. Now I wear it at least once a week, and have been for the last 8 years!

Day – 7 – Someone that inspires you



Today was super easy. I have 2 very important people who inspire me. My Grandparents! They are 79 and 83 respectively. They inspire me because they are the most generous and giving people in my life, and they always put other people before them. At an age when they should be relaxing and doing nothing they are constantly on the go. They volunteer for a number of organisations, sing in their church choir and have a hectic social life. My Grandma is constantly making things for other people, and my Grandad brings a smile to everyone’s face with his great sense of humour.  And they are always there for me, and the rest of my family, whenever we need them.

My Grandparents and I

If I can be just a little bit like them, now and in the future, I will be happy. I love you GG xx

Day 6 – You



I have really struggled to think of something to take a photo of today! I’ve had the busiest weekend so far, and today was no exception as I had a stall at Brisbane’s Suitcase Rummage. Blog post to follow.

Anyway today’s photo is supposed to be one of me in some way. I didn’t really want to take a picture of myself so instead I took this:

This was my stall at the Suitcase Rummage. It is very me! Messy, chaotic and fun!

Day 5 – Bird



Todays photo is of a bird. I have a friend who just got a bird tattooed on her side. It is really sweet.



I have a tattoo. I got it when I was 22. My sister and I got the same one. We got it because it reminded us of our mum. I regret it a little bit because I don’t really like it. But it’s nice to have something that we share. I’m not going to get any more though.

What do you think of tattoos? Do you have any? Want any?

May photo a day challenge – Skyline


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Firstly, thank you to all my new readers. It is lovely to have you here.

Today’s word for the photo a day challenge is skyline. My picture has been taken off my front balcony in Brisbane. You can see all of the beautiful restored Queenslanders that are in my suburb, as well as the array of power lines. I love this view, and it is great to sit and work at my desk (as I am now) and look out over the houses and be able to see the beautiful sky. Today is a beautiful day!

May photo a day challenge



This month I am participating in Fat Mum Slim’s photo a day challenge. Fat Mum Slim has created a list with a word/phrase for each day of the month in May. The challenge was also run in March and April. For each word/phrase you take a photo that relates to that word/phrase and upload it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc to share with everyone. What fun! I am really excited to do it as I need a little push with my creativity at the moment.  I will be positing my pictures on this blog, Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately, I have an Andriod phone and am not able to download Instagram on it. I know that it is available for Andriod, but it doesn’t come up when I search for it. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. I’m not sure if I have to upgrade my phone or not?

Anyway the word for today is Peace. My idea of peace is a lovely cup of tea and curling up with a magazine or book. What’s yours?

Dinner for one


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Well it has almost been 8 weeks since I began my new fructose free lifestyle. I must admit that I don’t find it nearly as difficult as I first did. Now it is just the normal thing for me to do. And I don’t miss chocolate at all! I have also lost approximately 4kgs! So all that weight that I had put on at the end of last year has disappeard. And I didn’t do any exercise at all. Just greatly reduced the amount of sugar that I was eating. Amazing. I wouldn’t have believed that it was possible until the weight started coming off.

However, since I have lost this weight I have been thinking that I would like to start eating a lot more vegetables, and find different, and interesting ways to cook them. I enjoy cooking, but because I regularly cook for one I find it hard to get motivated to cook anything very exciting. Also, when my boyfriend isn’t around I don’t tend to eat much meat because I’m not the biggest meat eater.

So, on Friday night I cooked up a wonderful dinner for one, and I even cooked dessert! For dinner I baked some sweet potato and beetroot in the over, and served it with steamed broccoli and beans. It was surprisingly filling, but I didn’t have they weighed down feeling I get when I eat a piece of steak. Before I baked the sweet potato and beetroot I peeled them, then sliced them and tossed them with some macadamia oil and salt. I feel that it really brought out the flavour in them.

Here it is:

Unfortunately the beetroot looks like it is a burnt piece of meat in this photo. But it was actually a lovely dark purple colour, and very tasty.

For dessert I made some stewed apple with natural yoghurt, and a little drizzle of rice malt syrup over the top.

To make it I peeled and cut up 2 apples and boiled them in water with some cinnamon. The cinnamon gave the apple a really nice flavour, as I find that apple on its own isn’t that exciting. I will definitely be making this again, as it was nice to have the warm apple on a cold night.

Sarah Wilson’s “I quit sugar” ebook


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A few weeks ago I bought Sarah Wilson’s  ebook titled “I Quit Sugar” after a recommendation from a friend. Sarah gave up sugar herself awhile ago, and so it is a really great read for anyone contemplating giving up sugar, and even someone who already has given up sugar (like me). I wish that I had this book when I first gave up sugar, as it could have helped me with those awful withdrawals!

The ebook is really easy to follow and sets out an 8 week program that will help you get off sugar. Hopefully for good! I think that Sarah has such a great style of writing and it makes the reader feel as though they are having a chat with a good friend over a cup of tea.

There are also some great ideas on what to eat in it. She also regularly posts on her blog about fructose-free recipes. Last week she had one called “Some very clever sugar-free snacks (2 ingredients or less)”. I am looking forward to trying the cheesy poppadums –  Yum yum! There are also some good ideas from her readers in the comments section. I am inspired to try some new things this week and I’ll let you know how I go. There are only so many nuts you can eat before getting a bit bored!