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I bought the new issue of OK Magazine (Australia) yesterday and I was reading an article about previous contestants on the Biggest Loser. It showed pictures of them before they went on the Biggest Loser, after their weight loss and then what they looked like now.

The thing that struck me was that quite a few of them had put all of the weight back on. And not just a few kilos, but all the weight that they had lost. I find this really sad, as they obviously worked so hard to get the weight off when they were in the house, but were unable to maintain it once they were outside the house.  This leaves me to think that while they have all the help in the world inside the house on nutrition and exercise, are they given a psychologist to help them figure out why they are eating the way that they do?

As it would appear that the issue that really needs addressing is why they are eating in the first place. I would have thought that until they get the root of the problem they will never be able to keep the weight off and lead a healthy life without food being such a big issue in their lives.

Is it the case that this wouldn’t make good TV? But losing weight quickly does, without any thought to the consequences of what will happen to the contestants when they are on their own?