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Over the weekend I saw an article about Sportsgirl launching a Digital billboard where customers can purchase items without even going into the store! It works by customers scanning a picture of the item that they want on the billboard with their smartphone or ipad and they are then able to purchase the item. This allows for customers to purchase 24/7 and the product is then sent to the customers home. The billboards will be updated weekly so that customers can keep up with the latest trends. The idea was first launched at the Chapel Hill street store (picture below) and is going to become a nationwide initiative.

It was also announced that Woolworths had launched a ‘virtual supermarket’ on the walls at Flinders Street station in Sydney. Woolworths plans to eventually have virtual supermarkets so that they can reach 90 percent of the Australian population.

Image from Sky News

The Woolworths virtual supermarket will display 120 of the most popular items on walls at bus, tram and train stations as well as at shopping centres. Like with Sportsgirl, customers scan the items they want, pay and have the items delivered to their home or work. Sounds like a great idea for those who like to multi-task while waiting for public transport. The minimum cost will be $30 and the maximum cost for delivery will be $13.

Who else will start selling their wares via a digital billboard? Perhaps fast food restaurants    could start doing it so that customers don’t have to wait in queues to be served but can just scan and wait!