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In the media this weekend it has been announced that there will be two new reality shows starting this year and featuring two of Australia’s most talked about women, Lara Bingle and Brynne Edelsten.

Brynne, who is married to Geoffrey Edelsten, was on last year’s Dancing with the Stars and is set to star in her own reality show on Channel 7. According to news.com.au it is believed that Channel 7  is hoping to build a 10-part series around Brynne. The show will capture “…her showy lifestyle, her love of daring figure-hugging outfits, her fondness for her bundle-of-fluff pooch Juddy, her many forays down the red carpets, and her relationship with hubby Geoffrey.”

Brynne Edelsten. Picture: Craig Greenhill New York Post via news.com.au

Brynne’s show does not yet have an air date.

Likewise, Channel 10 will air a reality show following Lara around, titled Being Lara Bingle later on in the year. Lara spoke to the Sunday Telegraph and said that she hoped that the show would demonstrate that she is more than just a party girl and that she is actually very driven and able to hold her own.

Picture: news.com.au

Having new reality shows in Australia is nothing new. For the past 10 years reality shows have been the feature of all the commercial networks programs each year. Each year they come up with new shows and new formats hoping that they are on to a winner. Some, like Masterchef, My Kitchen Rules and the Biggest Loser have been extremely successful for the networks they are on, as well as the presenters and contestants. However, many are not. Who can even remember such shows as Channel 10’s The Renovators in 2011. This show was a very expensive bomb for Channel 10 who were obviously trying to emulate the success of Channel 9’s The Block.

This year alone has seen Channel 9’s Excess Baggage, a show about celebrity and ordinary peoples weight loss, moved to digital channel Go! after a few weeks due to poor viewer numbers.

I have no doubt that Lara and Brynne lead very interesting lives and I can understand why networks have been keen to snap up their reality shows. However, I am not entirely sure how this will translate onto the screen and whether viewers will actually want to watch them. It is a big ask for one person to lift an entire show on their own, especially when viewers already have preconceived ideas about their character.

Successful reality shows in the U.S and U.K that follow groups of people in their ordinary lives such as Keeping up with the Kardashians, The Only Way is Essex and Jersey Shore all started with characters who were unknown to viewers (with the exception of Kim Kardashian). The reason that they work and are so successful is because the shows capture the relationships between the people, and in the case of the Kardashians, the humorous family dynamics at play. It shows the characters relationships develop with one another, the fights that they have, their drunken antics (in the case of Jersey Shore) and much more. People want to watch because they are drawn to the way the characters interrelate with each other, and in turn viewers relate to the characters as people that they know, their own families or even themselves. Even the Kardashians, who are clearly wealthy, are fun to watch because they fight and carry on with each other just like a normal family does. Another reason why these shows are good is that they are well produced and edited.

I am unsure how viewers will relate to Brynne and Lara, due to the perceptions that they will already have about who they are and what they are like. I think that the success of their shows will probably boil down to the interplay between them and any other ‘characters’ on their shows. They also can’t be afraid to be themselves and have a fun time, as this is something that will shine through if they can get it right. Their shows will also need to be well produced and edited. I hope that people will give them a chance and that their shows aren’t axed after a few weeks. Good luck girls I’ll be watching!