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Today on news.com.au I read an interesting article about mothers paying up to $300 for their daughters to get fashion advice from personal shoppers.  What…waaa?! Yes you read that right teenage girls are getting fashion advice from personal shoppers!

According to the article Mums are paying personal shoppers with the hope that they will instil some fashion sense into their teenage daughters. Apparently fights over clothing are starting with children as young as eight because children are now more exposed to the latest looks.

I don’t know about you but in my day (the late 90s) I read Dolly or Cosmo (if I could get away with buying it!) to get fashion advice. I also watched T.V shows and looked at what other people were wearing. I wouldn’t have thought that teenage girls today would be that different to when I was growing up. My friends and I were always trying to get away with wearing short skirts and midriff tops, and probably worn at the same time. I don’t understand why mothers need to have personal shoppers to tell their daughters what is appropriate or not. Why can’t they just say “No I’m not buying you that”?  Worked in my day! I also know that if I tried to walk out of the house in something that I had bought with my own money, that was a little risqué I was told to take it off and/or take it back to the store.

I know that there are more influences with the Internet but surely things haven’t changed that much. Have they? Would you get a personal shopper for your daughter (or son)?