So today it Day 6! I can’t believe that it has almost been an entire week. I can’t say that I am noticing any significant changes yet, but I wasn’t really expecting that.

For the last few days my mouth has been incredibly dry, and even when I drink water I still feel thirsty. Is that weird? I still felt pretty low today, but am definitely a lot better than a few days ago. I no longer have a headache and don’t feel like I need to hide in my bedroom anymore!

I think my next challenge is going to be going away on holidays on Wednesday to visit my families  for 2 weeks.  I’m sure that everyone will understand that I have given up sugar, but they will probably think I am weird. They all love eating, and have treats like chocolate etc around the place. It is going to be a lot more challenging than at home, where I am able to control what is in the pantry. Also, they will probably insist on cooking dinner for me and I would feel rude saying no. But how do I know whether they are using sugar or not? Any tips? Also, how can I explain what I am doing without sounding preachy? Because I have only been doing this a few days I haven’t told anyone except for my boyfriend, so I’m not sure what I am supposed to say?

I am going to do a little more research on recipes tomorrow, because I would like to try something new. I generally have no enthusiasm for cooking, but I am excited to see what I will find!