I finally went out and bought David Gillespie’s other book ‘The Sweet Poison Quit Plan’. I have yet to finish it, but so far have learnt a lot more. There are also some great recipes at the back, that I am hoping to try soon.

As you know I am not the biggest fan of breakfast. However, since giving up my daily Red Bull and quitting fructose, I have been craving something to eat in the morning. So far I have just eaten toast with avocado or eggs. I have found that I am actually enjoying it. However, as I am going to be going away on Wednesday for two weeks I thought I would try and make something to take with me. I found this great recipe for toasted muesli on the blog ‘Sugar is Poison – My fructose free life’ by a lady called Maree. Maree has some great recipes and tips for those giving up fructose. Tonight I made her toasted muesli and so far, so good. It tastes really nice and has nuts and seeds and oats in it.  I am planning on having it for breakfast tomorrow, and bringing a tub of it away with me. I’m sure I’ll get some strange looks and comments, but oh well!

Looks good! I’m looking forward to eating it!