Happy Easter to everyone! Well it was my first easter in living memory that I didn’t have a Red Tulip Elegant Rabbit or any other chocolate for that matter. However, I still bought all my family chocolates though and thought that it was time to try one of the recipes in David’s book using dextrose in lieu of sugar as an easter treat for myself.

So I made David’s Chocolate and Coconut muffins. The result wasn’t exactly fantastic. When I mixed the ingredients together as per the recipe it was quite dense and not really like a muffin mixture should be. I’m not sure if I did anything wrong or if it was the recipe. The consistency was similar to a slice rather than a muffin mixture. I also realised after I made the mixture that I needed mini muffin tin rather than a normal muffin tin.

Anyway the result was quite small muffins as they didn’t really rise properly. It probably would have been better with the mini muffin tins! Importantly though the taste was quite nice. After not having sugar for almost a month I quite enjoyed the sweetness of the muffins, and the coconut and chocolate went so well together. However, to other people they weren’t sweet at all!

Here they are:

Yum yum! I can’t wait to make something else from the book.