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Well it has almost been 8 weeks since I began my new fructose free lifestyle. I must admit that I don’t find it nearly as difficult as I first did. Now it is just the normal thing for me to do. And I don’t miss chocolate at all! I have also lost approximately 4kgs! So all that weight that I had put on at the end of last year has disappeard. And I didn’t do any exercise at all. Just greatly reduced the amount of sugar that I was eating. Amazing. I wouldn’t have believed that it was possible until the weight started coming off.

However, since I have lost this weight I have been thinking that I would like to start eating a lot more vegetables, and find different, and interesting ways to cook them. I enjoy cooking, but because I regularly cook for one I find it hard to get motivated to cook anything very exciting. Also, when my boyfriend isn’t around I don’t tend to eat much meat because I’m not the biggest meat eater.

So, on Friday night I cooked up a wonderful dinner for one, and I even cooked dessert! For dinner I baked some sweet potato and beetroot in the over, and served it with steamed broccoli and beans. It was surprisingly filling, but I didn’t have they weighed down feeling I get when I eat a piece of steak. Before I baked the sweet potato and beetroot I peeled them, then sliced them and tossed them with some macadamia oil and salt. I feel that it really brought out the flavour in them.

Here it is:

Unfortunately the beetroot looks like it is a burnt piece of meat in this photo. But it was actually a lovely dark purple colour, and very tasty.

For dessert I made some stewed apple with natural yoghurt, and a little drizzle of rice malt syrup over the top.

To make it I peeled and cut up 2 apples and boiled them in water with some cinnamon. The cinnamon gave the apple a really nice flavour, as I find that apple on its own isn’t that exciting. I will definitely be making this again, as it was nice to have the warm apple on a cold night.